outcome areas of focus

the partnership is driven by 4 shared goals.

 That every child succeeds academically

That every student achieves academic success

 That every child graduates high school

That every student achieves graduation

Civic Infrastructure

community partners are our backbone

 Civic Infrastructure

COLLECTIVE ACTION NETWORKS in kindergarten and career readiness are made up of volunteers and community leaders who focus on improving community-driven outcomes through an agreed-upon network charter and action plan.

ANCHOR INSTITUTIONS include our fiscal sponsor, the United Way of Escambia County.

DATA TEAM members support and guide the development of indicator metrics and data collection, sharing and analysis.

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM members help tell the story of our collective impact efforts.

THE OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TEAM functions as a central hub of activity for the partnership, comprised of local leaders closely invested in the process.

THE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL provides strategic guidance, social and financial capital and a unified voice to champion our work.