career readiness collective action network

The Career Readiness Collective Action Network brings together a cross-sector team of education and workforce readiness partners to connect more adults to education and training. From certificates and vocational training to college degrees, this team is driven by a mission to connect learners of all ages with family-sustaining wages and careers.

Career Readiness

career readiness

By 2025, 60% of working-age adults will have at least a two-year college degree or a high-quality postsecondary credential.

Why does the Bold Goal matter?
60% of Florida jobs will require some form of postsecondary education or training by 2021.

$2.8 million is how much a bachelor’s degree is worth on average over a lifetime, four times the amount of a high school diploma

4 out of 5 jobs lost in the Great Recession required a high school education or less

More than 9 out of 10 jobs created in the economic recovery went to workers with some college

What must change?
Our bold goal and action plan is called College Ready Escambia.

We aim to reach the 2 in 10 students who are still not graduating from our local high schools - and the 1 in 4 high school graduates who aren’t enrolling in college or career-tech within 16 months. Closing the college gap means tracking, monitoring and tackling gaps related to access and affordability, readiness, enrollment, persistence and completion.

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Career Readiness

What the Data Says

By 2020, more than two-thirds of Florida jobs will require post-secondary education, yet only one-third of our high school graduates go on to complete a post-secondary degree or certificate within six years of graduation. Our students need access before they can earn a degree or certificate.

Action Toward Change

Achieve Escambia is helping to shine a light on what happens to our students after they leave high school. Through our College Ready Escambia action plan, our Local College Access Network is working to understand the success rates of our community’s career readiness support of students by measuring and addressing the indicators driving access to postsecondary opportunities as well as retention and completion.

Degree Attainment Profile

Florida College Access Network. While not every Floridian needs a bachelor’s degree to be successful, education beyond high school increases yearly earnings and decreases the likelihood of unemployment over a lifetime.