32505 focus area

At 14 square miles, the 32505 zip code extends down the spine of Escambia County. Bounded roughly by Interstate 10, Pace Boulevard, Highway 90 and Bayou Chico, the zip code contains a wide range of demographics, housing types and community characteristics. Because the area is so large and diverse, Achieve Escambia’s cradle to career work groups are narrowing their place-based efforts on “lower 32505,” the neighborhoods surrounding Brownsville that contain some of the most concentrated pockets of poverty in Florida. With an aging housing stock, the majority of which dates to the 1960s, shrinking population, limited economic mobility, and lower-than-average life expectancy, the lower 32505 area deserves our special care and consideration as we build systems to lift up the economic prosperity of all children, youth and families.

That every child succeeds academically

Life expectancy in parts of 32505 are among the lowest in our county, region and state

That every child graduates high school

Prolonged exposure to poverty in childhood can have long-term consequences in educational outcomes


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