Every generation achieves success, cradle to career.


Analyze data and engage partners to inform action, activate the community to achieve shared goals & accelerate the bright spots and promising practices within Escambia County.

Equity at the Center

Equity exists when race and income are no longer predictors of success, and when systems work to ensure that individuals receive what they need when they need it, to develop to their fullest potential.


catalyst for change

Dixon School of Arts & Sciences

Achieve Escambia is a collective impact partnership that brings together parents, educators, business owners, health providers, faith-based leaders, community organizers, residents, philanthropists, government employees, first responders (both civilian and military) and elected officials to significantly improve cradle to career outcomes.

To do this, Achieve Escambia creates the space to have authentic dialogue, rooted in data and action, where the needs of children, students and families are prioritized.

We are grateful to steward this work on behalf of the community. And we are proud of our unique role in fostering collaboration across sectors to make lasting change countywide.

How we influence change is both innovative and research-based.

We maintain a strong leadership structure that brings senior community leaders together regularly to support the work on the ground where practices must improve. We emphasize data- sharing, relationship-building, shared learning, conflict resolution, commitment to action, follow-through and continuous improvement. The alignment we build daily between practitioners, leaders and investors is built on best practices from our national partnership with StriveTogether and our state partnership with the Florida College Access Network.

We know this is not easy; if it were it would have been done a long time ago. It takes a strong, independent organization to bridge systems together, challenge the status quo and create lasting change. Achieve Escambia is building the trust to drive momentum and accelerate action in our community.


our theory of change

Our theory of change

Data and Continuous Improvement

Achieve Escambia is building a common agenda for the future of doing good in our community by using data as a flashlight and continuous improvement as a roadmap.

Our partners at StriveTogether, the Florida College Access Network and locally are committed to learning to improve - and to get better at getting better.

Collective Action Networks organize partners around aligned goals, strategies and a common agenda, while our smaller teams target impact and improvement on the ground as they drive action toward change.

Our teams include dozens of partners from early learning through college and career training who come together with a single goal: improving the education outcomes and long-term career prospects for everyone. Together, teams:

  • Work with early childhood screening providers and pediatricians to ensure all infants, toddlers and children are screened for developmental milestones at every well child visit.

  • Organize a cross-sector group of early childhood educators, businesses and community organization on effective approaches to preparing children for school.

  • Tackle ways to help more students and adults access and complete the FAFSA, the No. 1 priority in affording education beyond high school.


Dear Friends,


All-in for students. All-in for families. All-in for Escambia County.

Three years ago, Achieve Escambia launched as a way to accelerate change through partnership and collaboration. Back then, we knew how important it would be to collect and analyze data, to break down data by race and gender, and to help volunteers mine this data for fresh insights into the root causes of persistent problems.

This work to collect and analyze data can sound—let’s face it—boring. But what we choose to measure is a reflection of what we value. When it comes to understanding the complex issues facing children, students, adults and families, Escambia County can’t accept “I don’t know” as an answer.

Behind every data point is a person and a community. Our 2019 community report card is a temperature-check on how far we’ve come.

Because in addition to the data, this year we are highlighting stories: about real people, about difficult issues and what we’re doing to solve them, and about our shared future. Collectively the stories contained in this report show how Achieve Escambia partners are going all-in to ensure every generation achieves success, cradle to career.

Some of these stories concern us. Others inspire us. All of them compel us to act. We hope they do the same for you, because that’s how our community gets better.

Changing a life lasts a lifetime. Over the past year, Achieve Escambia has:

  • Grown our partnership to include 210 volunteers, who collectively contributed 4,962 hours, the equivalent of $122,513.

  • Improved kindergarten readiness by 10% at C. A. Weis Community School, where we are making a long-term investment in the 3-year-old preschool program.

  • Won two most-improved awards as a result of our first-ever Escambia County FAFSA Challenge.

  • Recruited five education teams to improve student outcomes through Achieve University, a yearlong continuous improvement training series that is a first for our community.

  • Finally, over the past year our partners have gone all-in to put equity at the center of our work.

For Achieve Escambia teams, embracing equity means embracing the idea that a person’s life chances aren’t determined by race, ethnicity, gender, nativity, religion, sexual orientation, disability status, zip code or family income. It is as simple as it is critical. As we continue seeing improvements countywide, we must acknowledge that outcomes for young people of color and adults facing disadvantage must accelerate at an even faster rate.

We rise together when we go all-in together. Join me in going all-in for Achieve Escambia.

David Deliman
Leadership Council Chair
Market Vice President, Cox Communications

P.S. Through our website, our online data dashboard, and our 2019 report, you will find an insightful set of indicators and action plans to improve them. Turning data into action keeps us focused on the big picture and accountable to one another.



KIMBERLY KRUPA, PH.D., Executive Director

M.J. ZIEMBA, Manager

MAX PETION, Continuous Improvement Specialist

VALERY HOLLINGER, Outreach Coordinator AmeriCorps VISTA

JULIE JEAN-BAPTISTE, Research & Data Analyst AmeriCorps VISTA