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As we work better together, we are reimagining a future where every generation achieves its full potential.

As you have read, we are hard at work testing new approaches, focusing on critical transition times for students, families and adults, and making progress on big- picture barriers to keep more of our students and families empowered and engaged.


And we are already writing Chapter 3 by aligning resources to:

Strengthen and expand our focus on the handoff between preschool and kindergarten classrooms, facilitating a greater sense of collaboration and commitment to using data to drive student success.

Build a cross-sector, cross-campus collaborative culture for college access, retention and completion to ensure students not only have access to a bright future, but realize it.

Facilitate teams across our work areas to do the hard and necessary work to discover effective practices and spread that innovation across our systems.

There is a reason we are called Achieve Escambia — we encourage all to contribute to higher achievement in support of student success.


It takes many hands to make light work. Get involved in our work and together we can be better.

Use the data in this document and our online dashboard to question your assumptions about our schools and our community. Encourage your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to do the same.

Be present in your own neighborhood and community to see the unseen and lend a hand to those in need.

Explore our local nonprofit community, find an organization whose mission matches your passions and mentor or volunteer.


There is great work happening in education across our community, but too often it’s hidden or it happens in isolation. Our role is to lift up the promising practices and inspired innovation to help all of our partners take it further — spreading improved culture and outcomes.

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