kindergarten readiness collective action network

Ready for school means ready for life. Using research to guide its efforts, the Kindergarten Readiness Collective Action Network focuses on strategies to prepare more children for school. By focusing on high-impact projects like preschool success and early childhood screening, we are working to engage families and communities where young children need extra support to be ready to learn.

Kindergarten Readiness

our bold goals

kindergarten readiness

By 2025, 75% of children entering kindergarten will be ready for school.

Why does the Big Goal matter?
Escambia County children who start behind, stay behind. And more than half of our children are not ready to start kindergarten.

Children ready for kindergarten are:

17% more likely to graduate high school

4 times more likely to graduate college

19% less likely to be arrested

Significantly less likely to need public housing assistance

What must change?
Our bold goal and targeted improvement projects will help nearly 900 additional children get ready for kindergarten by 2025.

We aim to accomplish this goal by educating the community about the importance of early childhood; supporting families; nurturing high- quality early learning environments; partnering on health and wellbeing; and supporting communities and neighborhoods to take action.

U.S. Department of Education Birth to 5