Every generation achieves success, cradle to career.


To align community resources so everyone is empowered to achieve success.


Analyze data and engage partners to inform action, activate the community to achieve shared goals & accelerate the bright spots and promising practices within Escambia County.


catalyst for change

Dixon School of Arts & Sciences

Achieve Escambia unites educators, parents, faith leaders, military, business leaders, investors, health providers, elected officials and residents who are committed to building a community infrastructure to support a successful journey for every child, youth and young adult in Escambia County, from cradle to career.

To do this, Achieve Escambia creates the space to have authentic dialogue, rooted in data and action, where the needs of children, students and families are prioritized.

We are grateful to steward this work on behalf of the community. And we are proud of our unique role in fostering collaboration across sectors to make lasting change countywide.

How we influence change is both innovative and research-based.

We maintain a strong leadership structure that brings senior community leaders together regularly to support the work on the ground where practices must improve. We emphasize data- sharing, relationship-building, shared learning, conflict resolution, commitment to action, follow-through and continuous improvement. The alignment we build daily between practitioners, leaders and investors is built on best practices from our national partnership with StriveTogether and our state partnership with the Florida College Access Network.

We know this is not easy; if it were it would have been done a long time ago. It takes a strong, independent organization to bridge systems together, challenge the status quo and create lasting change. Achieve Escambia is building the trust to drive momentum and accelerate action in our community.


our theory of change

Our theory of change

Data and Continuous Improvement

Achieve Escambia is building a common agenda for the future of doing good in our community by using data as a flashlight and continuous improvement as a roadmap.

Our partners at StriveTogether, the Florida College Access Network and locally are committed to learning to improve - and to get better at getting better.

Collective Action Networks organize partners around aligned goals, strategies and a common agenda, while our smaller teams target impact and improvement on the ground as they drive action toward change.

Our teams include dozens of partners from early learning through college and career training who come together with a single goal: improving the education outcomes and long-term career prospects for everyone. Together, teams:

  • Work with early childhood screening providers and pediatricians to ensure all infants, toddlers and children are screened for developmental milestones at every well child visit.

  • Organize a cross-sector group of early childhood educators, businesses and community organization on effective approaches to preparing children for school.

  • Tackle ways to help more students and adults access and complete the FAFSA, the No. 1 priority in affording education beyond high school.

Through facilitated conversations focused on results that lead to real change, our teams learn how to use continuous improvement to identity problems of practice and reduce the gap between where we are and where we want to be.


better together


Looking ahead, 2019 will be an incredible year full of accomplishments for Achieve Escambia.

In 2018, we learned to work better together and planted seeds that will bear fruit for generations. Together we have completed the first two chapters in our work.

Over the past year, the 172 volunteers who belong to Achieve Escambia have contributed 3,150 hours to our partnership, the equivalent of $77,774. These volunteers embody “better together” by:

  • Establishing a partnership with C.A. Weis Community School to improve early learning.

  • Joining the Florida College Access Network’s statewide campaign to connect more high school students to college and career.

  • Setting goals, creating action plans and making commitments to prepare more children for school and more students for success after high school.

In the year ahead, we will engage teams and empower organizations to tackle the root causes behind cradle to career outcomes in Escambia County. In the coming year we will:

Through our new website, and our online data dashboard, you will find an insightful set of indicators and action plans to improve them. Turning data into action keeps us focused on the big picture and accountable to one another.

In our 2018 report, data points are broken down by school, race and gender whenever possible so that our collective efforts are squarely focused on lifting up those who are most vulnerable.

While we are inspired by what we have accomplished in our first two years, we know we are just beginning. With high expectations in the year ahead, we are committed to our true north goal of working better together to ensure everyone achieves success from cradle to career.

David Deliman
Leadership Council Chair
Market Vice President, Cox Communications



KIMBERLY KRUPA, PH.D., Executive Director

M.J. ZIEMBA, Manager

MAX PETION, Continuous Improvement Specialist

VALERY HOLLINGER, Outreach Coordinator AmeriCorps VISTA